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Kings Town

Al Kabir Developers
A Prestigious Marvel

Welcome to Kings Town- a stunning economical residential estate in Lahore. This fabulous housing scheme at the most prime location of the city offers 3 & 5 Marla Residential Plots and fully constructed houses in addition to multiple category commercial plots as well.

Previous projects by Al-Kabir Developers i.e., Al-Kabir Town Phase-I and Phase-II gathered enormous success. Kings Town is the latest project by Al-Kabir developers, which is additionally Phase-III of Al-Kabir Town. Recently after the success of Kings Town, the same developers have launched Kings Town sector B. Also, a new payment plan has been developed for the commercial plots of Sector B. The payment plan currently caters for 3 Marla commercial plots.

The authenticity of this project is assured because it is LDA approved and deliverance is guaranteed in promised time. This elegant town is very carefully designed by keeping in mind the convenience of residents, the construction is underway assigning plots, and quality houses equipped with necessities to make the living experience peaceful and comfortable. Most accessible location in the city, wide roads, properly managed streets, and decent architecture. Al Kabir developers have launched this project to fully facilitate their customers.


Al Kabir town has accomplished its goal of the deliverance of Phase-I and Phase-II before the allotted time. Phase-III known as Kings Town is also delivered on time and the development of Sector B is going on at quite fast-paced.

The location feasibility and safe premises, and the security of authenticity, in the name of renowned developers, had made these projects a fulfilling lifetime opportunity for prestigious customers.

The developers through these unmatchable housing schemes in the city project their skilled advancement in the real estate industry. They fully understand and have hands-on experience in Pakistan’s real estate business. They know what their customers want and how they are going to deliver it to their potential customers. The location, the offering, and the final residential experience offered by Al-Kabir developers are some of the best property deals available in the city. The team of architects, engineers, and workers they have is devoted to building and re-defining the overall residential infrastructure of Lahore.

Another esteemed project of these developers is Maryam Town which is also located on main Raiwind Road Lahore. Al Kabir developers are a force to be reckoned with as they are thriving to revamp the narrative of real estate in Pakistan. They are aiming to become innovators in this.


It is good news for all the eager customers that Kings town Lahore is an LDA approved housing society. Thus it is a safe investment opportunity for all those who wish to earn a stable revenue.

Furthermore, Al-Kabir developers have the total land endorsement rights reserved even before the commencement of the project. This special feature has made this housing society a secure venture for all the investors out there.


Al Kabir Developers has launched Phase-III, under the name of Kings Town Lahore, and recently launched Kings Town Sector B too, which is situated in the prime location of Main Raiwind Road, Lahore.

  • Next to Bahria Orchard Lahore, and nearest to superior university

  • 8 min drive from Ring Road

  • 22 min Drive from Allama Iqbal International Airport

Fortunately, this land development is good news to everyone who dreams to build the luxury of their own living space at affordable prices.


People nowadays opt-out for such housing societies that are accessible and are present in a mainstream area of the city. King’s town Lahore has kicked the ball out of the park in the context of location. It is located in close proximity to Bahria Orchard as well as Maryam Town. In addition to all this housing society is equipped with all the amenities that are needed.

Furthermore, Al Kabir town is located at a 2 min drive away from Raiwind City. Some other key landmarks that are available in the same area are:

  • Superior University
  • Al Kabir Town Phase 2
  • Dream Housing
  • Lake City
  • Icon Valley


  • 100% LDA approved: When it comes to money investment deals, authenticity and protection from fraud is a big concern of the buyers. Kings Town developers are renowned for their trustworthiness in the field of real estate. As all of their projects are authentic and hold certificates from the development authorities of the city.

  • Low-cost housing project: Amidst the dire economic conditions prevailing in the country, Kings Town brings this ultimate project on budgeted standards, so people can afford their piece of land.

  • Fully constructed 3 to 5 Marla homes: Constructed homes are also available to make things even more.

  • Wide car parking/CCTV surveillance.

  • 24/7 electricity: Necessities water, gas, and electricity supply are made available at this elegant residential

  • Commercial shops: Along with residential; commercial shops are also at the off


The first and foremost thing that people look for in any housing society is that it should be equipped with all the necessities of life. Kings town Lahore takes the lead in this prospect and provides all such attractions on its premises.


3 marla

Sector A

Total Price: 2,250,000
Down Payment 400,000
48 Monthly Installments: 20,000/-
On Balloting: 200,000
On Possession: 300,000
Annual Installment: 100,000

Sector B

Total Price: 2,400,000
Down Payment 200,000
48 Monthly Installments: 15,000
On Balloting: 400,000
On Possession: 600,000
Half Year Installment: 60,000/-

A Block

Total Price: 2,700,000
Down Payment 250,000
48 Monthly Installments: 15,000/-
On Balloting: 350,000
On Possession: 820,000
Half Yearly Installment: 70,000


Total Price: 2,400,000
Down Payment 400,000
36 Monthly Installments: 25,000
Half Year Installment: 75,000/-
On Possession: 650,000

05 Marla

Sector A

Total Price: 3,750,000
Down Payment 500,000
48 Monthly Installments: 30,000
On Balloting: 300,000
On Possession: 700,000
Yearly Installment: 200,000

Sector B

Total Price: 4,000,000
Down Payment 300,000
48 Monthly Installments: 30,000
On Balloting: 600,000
On Possession: 1,020,000
Half Year Installment: 80,000

A Block

Total Price: 4,300,000
Down Payment 350,000
48 Monthly Installments: 25,000/-
On Balloting: 650,000
On Possession: 1,300,000
Half Yearly Installment: 100,000


Total Price: 3,750,000
Down Payment 500,000
36 Monthly Installments: 41,000
Half Year Installment: 120,000/-
On Possession: 1,050,000

08 Marla


Total Price: 6,000,000
Down Payment 600,000
48 Monthly Installments: 50,000
Half Yearly Installment: 125,000
On Balloting: 800,000
On Possession: 1,200,000

10 Marla


Total Price: 7,250,000
Down Payment 800,000
48 Monthly Installments: 65,000
Half Yearly Installment: 150,000
On Balloting: 900,000
On Possession: 1,230,000

1 Kanal


Total Price: 12,000,000
Down Payment 1,200,000
48 Monthly Installments: 125,000
Half Yearly Installment: 225,000
On Balloting: 1,200,000
On Possession: 1,800,000

5 Marla Town Homes
Floor Wise Payment Plan​

Ground Floor (25*45)

Total Price: 42,000,000
Booking: 800,000
48 Monthly Installments: 30,000
Yearly Installment: 200,000
On Possession: 1,1600,000

First Floor (25*45)

Total Price: 3,900,000
Booking: 700,000
48 Monthly Installments: 27,000
Yearly Installment: 200,000
On Possession: 1,1000,000

Second Floor (25*45)

Total Price: 3,600,000
Booking: 600,000
48 Monthly Installments: 23,000
Yearly Installment: 200,000
On Possession: 1,040,000


03 Marla

Total Price: 8,400,000
Down Payment 1,500,000
48 Monthly Installments: 40,000
Half Yearly Installment: 300,000
On Possession: 3,000,000
On Balloting: 800,000


02 Marla

Total Price: 6,000,000
Down Payment 1,800,000
36 Monthly Installments: 55,000
Half Yearly Installment: 253,000
On Possession: 700,000

06 Marla

Total Price: 32,000,000
Down Payment 6,500,000
36 Monthly Installments: 300,000
Half Yearly Installment: 800,000
On Possession: 9,900,000

08 Marla

Total Price: 18,000,000
Down Payment 5,000,000
48 Monthly Installments: 150,000
Half Yearly Installment: 350,000
On Possession: 3,000,000

Lake View

02 Marla

Total Price: 6,500,000
Booking: 850,000
48 Monthly Installments: 30,000
Half Yearly Installment: 250,000
On Possession: 1,360,000
On Balloting: 850,000

04 Marla

Total Price: 12,000,000
Booking: 1,500,000
48 Monthly Installments:50,000
Half Yearly Installment: 500,000
On Possession: 2,600,000
On Balloting: 1,500,000

City Center

02 Marla

Total Price: 7,000,000
Booking: 2,500,000
36 Monthly Installments: 65,000
Half Yearly Installment: 150,000
On Possession: 1,260,000

03 Marla (inner side)

Total Price: 9,000,000
Booking: 3,000,000
36 Monthly Installments: 75,000
Half Yearly Installment: 175,000
On Possession: 2,250,000

03 Marla (Out side)

Total Price: 12,000,000
Booking: 4,000,000
36 Monthly Installments: 100,000
Half Yearly Installment: 200,000
On Possession: 3,200,000

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